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Emphasis on scalability and greater security.

Our partnership with AWS guarantees our customers greater flexibility in scale and reliability with our security solutions. With our team of computer engineers, we apply the best hosting and security concepts to deliver the best performance.


Nexeup uses AWS to offer greater scalability and reliability to our customers, and to achieve this we seek to operate 100% in the cloud. We found a partnership in AWS that allowed us to face new paradigms in the area of technology for our business. Today Nexeup is proud to be an AWS partner, as we offer the best resources and cutting-edge technology to our customers.


One of Nexeup’s core principles is to deliver a future-oriented vision and mindset. Innovation is not just a goal; It is an intrinsic characteristic of our identity. With AWS, we are able to deliver more than a result, but a complete solution with a cutting-edge architecture.


We always seek to study and analyze new AWS features. To continue being a leader in the scheduling market, we always seek to evolve our specialties to deliver the best product, in accordance with the most advanced resources on the market.

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Featuring the latest appointments technology. We apply innovative techniques so that your project always has the best possible result. Our main mission is to always provide better web experiences so that your customer feels closer to your brand and generates more scheduling.

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