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Microsoft for Startups

Global infrastructure. Unlimited possibilities.

Our partnership with Microsoft for Startups was created to boost and improve our infrastructure in our offices. With Microsoft’s expert network, we have access to great mentors around the world to help develop Nexeup.


Microsoft for Startups has been a great partner for Nexeup. Now, it is possible to achieve greater growth in our networking and scalability in our cloud service to offer the best experience in our SaaS system. Microsoft for Startups offers growth engines, from our ideation phase to the scaling phase.


With the support of the Microsoft for Startups program, we will use Microsoft Azure in our SaaS for the cloud application and management of our systems. Microsoft Azure technology provides innovative solutions that we seek in our day-to-day business, from the implementation of a virtual machine, to the growth of our artificial intelligence.


Microsoft for Startups provides broad access to a network of experts. We have access to diverse experts across the world who are ready to help on our journey to facilitate our growth and fundraising at every stage.

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