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Hair Salons


Save time and generate results. We offer a complete appointment system to implement in your barbershop or beauty salon. We use the most current technologies on the market to offer a complete solution.

We deliver results because we are constantly improving, with a focus on developing new resources and technology.

What we do

High performance appointment system.

We have a full division of experts ready to offer an incredible appointment system.

Implementation, analysis and monitoring of the appointment system with the highest percentage of security and capacity on the market.

We provide your business with innovation, for better results.

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When we combine design, innovation, technology and security, our results speak for themselves. Nexeup is present in 4 countries and has a large number of customers around the world.

Our approach.

We have been providing a wide range of appointment to businesses since 2017. Our appointment system includes analytics, monitoring and backup options. Reach the maximum potential of your business through our appointment solutions.

Help Center


How does the subscription service work?

When contracting the appointment service with Nexeup, we will implement our system in your business. We will charge you monthly according to the initial payment date. The service will remain as long as the subscription and contract are active.

What services will be provided?

The services offered by Nexeup will depend on the package contracted. What can be offered:

– Appointment system;
– Institutional website;
– Mobile app;
– Server hosting;
– File backups;
– Personalized notifications.

How does the help center work?

If you have any questions or need support, you can create a ticket through the ‘Customer Dashboard’. An expert will contact you as soon as possible.

How does the cancellation policy work?

You can cancel the service at any time through the ‘Customer Dashboard’.
Find out more about our Cancellation Policy.

Hair Salons.

The ultimate appointment solution for your hair salon or barbershop.

Every successful hair salon needs an innovative appointment system. With Nexeup, your business will receive the best solution. Get access to the best resources and technology on the market with an exclusive system.

We are more than an appointment system, we provide strategies focused on results.


Customer dos

Customer support
“Nexeup support has always impressed me. I have 24/7 access through the app.”
Brian Wilson

Co-founder, Plex

Service quality
“Nexeup is our great partner, the best in the appointment market.”
Laura Montes


Operational specialists
“Nexeup level of expertise is incredible. We achieved a great ROI.”
Stacey Jones

Project Manager, Mr Repairs

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We are experts in the appointment business, we offer the best system for robust businesses with an emphasis on high scalability.


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