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Carbon Neutral

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We are a company that follows Carbon Neutral standards, with the aim of helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere. That is, the idea is that the carbon emissions generated by our activity are offset by actions that remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

To achieve carbon neutral status, we adopted a series of measures to reduce our carbon emissions, such as adopting more efficient technologies, using renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, among others. In addition, some of our customers also invest in projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions, such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy.

To offset carbon emissions, we at Nexeup also choose to purchase carbon credits, which are certificates that prove we have reduced or removed a specified amount of carbon emissions elsewhere. These credits can be purchased from companies that have invested in projects to reduce carbon emissions, such as planting trees or installing renewable energy systems.

The ultimate goal of the quest for carbon neutrality is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and, consequently, mitigate the effects of climate change.

Together for a sustainable tomorrow.

Technology is one of the biggest drivers of progress and innovation, allowing societies to reach levels of development unimaginable just a few decades ago. However, this rapid technological evolution has a cost, and one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is to make this evolution sustainable. Technological sustainability is a concept that seeks to balance technological advancement with the preservation of the environment and the promotion of social justice.

Technological sustainability has been increasingly adopted by companies and governments that seek to make their processes and products more sustainable. These initiatives can include the adoption of renewable energy sources, the use of recycled materials and the implementation of technologies that reduce the environmental impact. An example of sustainable technology is the construction of green buildings, which use natural ventilation and lighting systems, as well as recycled materials and rainwater harvesting systems.

Join Nexeup and be part of the sustainable program in your company. Get in touch with your manager and ask your business to join the biggest sustainability revolution in Latin America.

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